5 Reasons Why You Should Do a Cash registry for Your Wedding

Cash registries are a great way to put the “happy” in “happily married”. Big fat Indian weddings demand a massive guest list and this means there is a lot coming in the gifting department. More number of people means accepting those many numbers of gifts and thanking each one of them. And you don’t want to do all of that if the gifts you get are things you will never use and be forced to re-gift. After all wouldn’t that be the biggest tragedy! In a world where the couple get what they wish for and their guests are relieved of the onus of picking the perfect present, everything’s just better. And the easiest solution to doing this is a cash registry!

Cash Registry
Cash Registry

Here are the top 5 reasons you MUST do a cash registry for your wedding:

#1. Let your guests be a small part of your big dreams

We live in an age where couples move in with each other even before getting married. They don’t require new furniture or a new coffee machine or new sheets. (More often than not) To feel hesitant to create a cash registry for your wedding is silly. You probably have something huge lined up right after your wedding. Everyone does. It could be a new car, getting a home, or simply going on a honeymoon. Whatever the reason be, you could literally call your cash registry this. You’d be surprised by the number of guests who would be delighted to contribute a small portion of your big dream. And you don’t realise but you’d be getting a burden off their shoulders- deciding what present to bring you. So ditch the coyness and save yourself and your guests some serious load. Honey, there’s no shame in this game.

#2. Cash doesn’t make you stand in a return que

Let’s be real. Even if your beloved guests wholeheartedly wish to gift you something personal, there are a hundred reasons why they could still manage to screw this up. What if it the bracelet doesn’t fit right? What if the lehenga is too loose or too tight? Luckily cash fits everybody and doesn’t demand that you go through the torture of either keeping something you don’t like (waste of space) or take the irksome effort of returning it. You’re in your honeymoon phase and you deserve to be spending some quality time (and well, money from your cash registry) together instead of wasting time at a kitchen appliance stores returning a juice maker that’s too big to fit into your kitchen cabinets. 

#3. Gifts have never found a safer home than with a cash registry

Indian wedding receptions are HUGE, to say the least. Do you know what Indian couples mean when they say “just a small intimate wedding with close friends and family”? 500 people at the least. Yup. At some point, the bride’s parents would have even considered hiring someone for the wedding whose only job is to collect and safeguard the presents that keep coming in. Envelopes, in particular, can easily be lost or stolen and there you are unwrapping presents thinking why Sunil chachu, your favourite uncle came empty-handed. Poor thing, right? Think about all the gift boxes, the effort to carry presents to a wedding that are enormous in size and more than all the effort to take it all home without having lost a single item in transit. Seems almost heroic if you manage this. It is indeed a saviour in disguise to have cash registry for your wedding for both your guests as well as your families. The only thing you’ll lose is some worry.

#4. It never goes out of style! 

A wedding cash registry only makes things easier for the couple, to be honest. Cash never goes out of style and you can pick anything you want to from the bigger amount accumulated. Have you noticed how on the most important day of your life, people (some of them if not most) give absolutely no thought to your wedding present? Unwrapping your 6th KitchenAid mixer can be quite infuriating. Each present is sort of crummy in its own way. Some are sappy or weird or simply in poor taste. Not only are you going to have to stand in the return line to exchange the present, but you’ll actually have to write a thank-you note for this horror bestowed upon you. Think of the Bali holiday you could’ve taken with all this money wasted. Or the re-decorating and furnishing you’ve been waiting to do. Cash registry might be a relatively new concept in India, some might initially shy away from even, but you can’t deny they’re pretty darn amazing!

#5. Dump the Cash Envelope Dance

Giving envelopes at wedding receptions in India is a trend that never seems to get old. Sorry to burst your bubble but 50% of your guests (or more) are going to show up with cash as presents. The thoughtful ones would add a Re. 1 coin for good luck. That’s as far as their creativity goes. Carrying around this kind of money is not only risky business but if you’re going to get cash anyways, why go through that awkward pause before the envelope that reminds you of the first-ever spell bee competition you one in the 4th grade? Moreover, it’s quite liberating for your guests to go on stage without having to do the envelope dance step. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what this is. Aunt to Uncle, Uncle to you, You to mom, Mom to Kantabai. How inconvenient and time-consuming is this? Keep all the awkward at home. Go online and create that cash registry. Afterall a wise bride-to-be once said: “All I want for my wedding is cash!” and never have brides related to anything more than this. 

Offering speed and security while allowing YOU to choose your own dream present(s) with a budget so profuse, cash registry truly is a Bride’s best friend and most definitely here to S(ave)T(he)(d)AY.

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